Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grey's Anatomy...Scrubs??

Wow, people must really have a thing about wearing what they see people wear on TV.

Some company decided to market a new line of scrubs. Not just any scrubs . . . Grey's Anatomy scrubs, as worn by the actors on the show models that resemble the actors on the show. As seen on Grey's Anatomy!*

*As seen in Grey's Anatomy Magazine. Not to be confused with the popular TV show.

(Hmm, I suppose if they really want to resemble the actors on the show they need to get rid of the Dr. Burke lookalike in their catalogue. Oooooh. Burn.)

Actually, this is great! I'll admit it - Grey's Anatomy is the real reason I wanted to become a doctor, so now I can look and live the overdramatized soap-opera disguised as medicine that I rarely watch!

(I actually don't watch Grey's...to be honest, I had to look up the name of the black actor on The Angry Medic's blog).

Too bad the tv show Scrubs can't make their own set of scrubs. Who would buy "Scrubs scrubs"?

Then again, I'll stop making fun of these now that I realize - if they were House scrubs, I'd probably actually buy them.


Anonymous said...

Except that Dr. House avoids wearing scrubs unless absolutely necessary, so he uses them as they really are used, not as a fashion accessory.

laurenelizabeth_22 said...

I have to say that when I first saw them at the uniform sale at our hospital I felt the same way. I actually remember thinking to myself "are you friggin kidding me?" But then somebody insisted that I try them on, and I have to say that they are pretty awesome. They are the softest scrubs I've ever bought. So I am one of the people who doesn't buy them because of the TV show, but because of how comfortable they are ( I have to wear them for over 12 hours!) and because I actually like the product.

Anonymous said...

Same Here....never have seen the show. Big fan of ER before I went to the night shift. BUT...most anyone who works long hours who puts a pair of these scrubs on....will have a difficult time going back to other lines. They are lightweight, soft, and SOOOO comfortable. I actually had to order mine and wait a month for them to come in. I found that they hold don't wrinkle as bad as others do. Very important since there are times I work 8-9 days straight and ironing is the last thing on my mind. Forget the tv show. LOVE the scrubs.

Chandra said...

I used to work in a hospital and would only wear Dickies scrub pants. I have since left that job and now work as a nanny. I decided I WANTED to wear scrubs again to avoid the wear and tear on my own clothes. Today I went to my local Scrubs and Beyond to re-outfit myself. I kept avoiding the rack of the Grey's Anatomy scrubs, mainly because I don't watch the show and didn't want to look like I was trying to be "cool" by wearing that label on my clothing. I wasn't having much luck with other brands, so I finally tried on one of their tops that has an empire waist, 3 pockets and adjustable button back tabs. I freaking loved it! It fits me so well, is so soft, is made of fabric that won't shrink or hold wrinkles, and is actually figure flattering. I am actually shopping online for more colors now. By the way, you CAN get the scrubs as seen on the show "Scrubs". The company who makes them has a website www.besteverscrubs.com. They have pictures of Carla and Elliot wearing them, they just don't have a "Scrubs" logo on them. I didn't bother ordering any though, they cost about $40-$50 a piece.

Anonymous said...

There was a uniform sale at my hospital when I saw one of the sales ladies wearing some very flattering scubs and I inquired about them. She said they were the junior fit Gray's Anatomy Scubs. Now I'm hooked!! I'm have a thinner build and a little short wasted and looked dummpy in conventional scubs but now look great and they are soooooo comfortable. Katherine Hiegel (Sp?) has her own line now and are styled very much like the GA but they just don't fit the same plus more expensive. I'm so excited that GA scubs have just come out with some addditional colors. :)
BTW...never have seen the show.

Anonymous said...

I have at full scrubs set from the tv-series.. with Logo on.. You could buy it in the NBC store once..

Unknown said...

Just curious does anyone know if www.blueskyscrubs.com has the same nursing scrubs as they wear on Grey's Anatomy? I think I read that somewhere. Not sure. Thanks.