Monday, July 09, 2007

Grand Rounds v3.43 ::: Call for Submissions

Vitum Medicinus is proud to be hosting Grand Rounds, Volume 3 Number 43, on July 17, 2007.

The opportunity to submit posts is now closed. Thank you for your submissions! Check back for Grand Rounds here on July 17.

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What is Grand Rounds?
Grand Rounds, originated and still overseen by Dr. Nicholas Genes, is a medical blog carnival, or a collection of the best healthcare-related posts of the week.

Anyone can submit a blog post; the post being submitted is to be healthcare-related but can come from blogs of patients / healthcare workers / students / writers / anybody.

Past editions of Grand Rounds can be found here.

Submissions Due:
The deadline has now passed. Thank you to those who submitted! Check back on July 17 for Grand Rounds at Vitum Medicinus.
Late submissions will have to be pretty epic in order to be included.

Send Submissions To:
vitum{at}VitumMedicinus{dot}com; subject line "Grand Rounds"
Vitum will send a confirmation e-mail for each submission received.

Submission Format:
The usual, namely:

  • Subject line: Grand Rounds
  • Submitted Post Title
  • Submitted Post URL
  • Submitted Post Description
  • Submitting Blogger's Favourite Food

Preferred Theme:
Vitum is crazy about stories of drama, action, and humour; so this week's suggested theme is stories of interactions with patients or healthcare providers. Hopefully your stories contain drama, action, humour, or all three.

  • Your post will get preference if it fits the theme, but I'll make efforts to include all submissions that don't adhere to the theme as well.
  • Recent posts that are no longer than 1000 words are preferred.

The Original Submission Guidelines:
Find ideas / additional guidelines at the original Grand Rounds submission guidelines.

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