Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 10 list: Things I learned by watching House, M.D.

Special thanks to Comrade for his joint authorship of this post.

1. Things will only go wrong when the doctor is in the room (unless it's before the patient enters the hospital).

2. X-ray, MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound technicians don't exist. Attractive, high-profile doctors do all the work.

3. Real hospitals don't have nurses, unless the doctor is making a snappy remark to them, or they are extras walking around in the background.

4. Patients are rarely ugly.

5. House doesn't need a mask in the OR, he has sterile breath.

6. There is entertaining music every time a doctor thinks up a correct diagnosis.

7. Harassment and manipulaiton aren't inappropriate; rather, they are funny.

8. If you want to do a procedure on a patient and they or their family says no, you simply aren't smart enough to get them to change their mind. There is a way, figure it out.

9. The smartest doctors use vicodin.

10. Everyone lies.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that all doctors end up alone. That's what I got out of this week's episode. Oh - and if you watched Grey's Anatomy last week, you'd know that chemotherapy and herbal supplements create toxic blood that acts as a neurotoxin.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that there are no specialties. One doctor can do everything from FP to surgery....It slices, it dxs, it may even have vices...Its the Doc-O-Matic!

Anonymous said...

I love thos post, it's one of my favorite shows, and I have learned so much, and the top ten list is just barely touching the curface!
Wow med school is doing wonders for you, I can tell allready.
We should discuss your achievements over coffee, drop me a line, what do you say?

Baggas said...

I enjoy watching House, purely because of the Hugh Laurie character. Medically speaking it's completely crap - no radiographers, no pathologists or lab techs, physicians performing neurosurgery - the list goes on and on...

After making ER compulsory viewing for years of medical school I've now pretty much sworn off watching medical shows with two exceptions - I still enjoy House and Scrubs, but purely for entertainment value. Scrubs is great beacuse it doesn't try to be realistic, although occaisionally it is right on the money.

Great blog - one for me to watch :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. This post and the comments to it are great.

Dragonfly said...

2 and 7 are so true.

Stefan said...

From the last show, I learned that the doctor tests medicins, on himself!

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I love your blog! I enjoy watching House but I don't believe some of the scenes because his team are doing everything, from surgery, pathology, etc. But if they are real, they are really great doctors.

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2 5 and 7 are so true.

Suvam said...

and remember, it's always lupus