Sunday, February 11, 2007

10,000 Hits to Vitum Medicinus

So Vitum Medicinus has hit a bit of a milestone - 10,000 hits!

Thanks so much to everyone who reads this blog - my friends, family, and the 'regulars.'

And special thanks to everyone who posts comments!

- vm


Helen said...

Yay! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Ah, friend, your words put meaning to the phrase "medicinus exquisitus". Thanks for your email in December, I think I am still about 4327 emails behind, but eventually I *will* reply. I'm loving things over here, but missing everyone over there, especially my Comm Skills buddies. Congrats on the Blog, I read it faithfully. You should ask more questions so we can see you from time to time! Your impish friend :)