Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top 10 list: Things that make me feel like I'm becoming a doctor (as of First Year)

EDIT (11/21): I had to add a number 11. Find it here.

I kindof had to make this list to convince myself that I'm actually in med school. Like I've mentioned before, our first semester is a lot of just basic biology, things I learned in undergrad (biochem, physiology, etc.), so I can't help but feel that I'm still just taking more biology classes. Until I get to third year, where I report to the hospital every day (and on weekends...and I am given evening shifts...And I'm put on call...) it still seems kindof like school, still. Hopefully this changes a bit in January when we start going through the body organ systems, block by block. Until then, I have this list to go by:

10. Got my second issue of the
CMAJ today
It always makes me feel like a member of the profession.

9. Calculating IV infusion rates
Finally, there is an applicable use for algebra and natural log calculations. Boy, was I rusty on those for a while, though!

8. Getting my ID tags
I wear these a bit too often, my excuse being because they're on the same retractable carrier as my bus pass. The third-years make fun of me.

7. Being allowed to shadow doctors in the area
It's hard to arrange this when you're a pre-med!! I've already shadowed an ER doc back home, an ER doc here, and going to shadow a surgeon next Monday.

6. Learning how to interview actor patients in my interviewing class

5. Interviewing real patients in the family practice clinic

4. Getting sworn at by a patient in the family practice clinic for asking questions I was told to ask in my interviewing class
I'll definitely tell this story soon!! EDIT (11/20): This post is now available here. (Title will be:
"Don't ask shit questions" - To FIFE or not to FIFE. Another time, though; I'm keeping busy and don't have the time right now).

3. Cadaver lab
Partly because I get to wear scrubs, and partly because this was something I envisioned doing when I got to medical school, since not many people get this privilege.

2. Giving injections
This isn't #1 because some of my friends who were in nursing when I took my undergrad were giving injections way before me, so I was jealous of them and when I got to do it I only felt like I was caught up to them.

1. Getting my stethoscope
excitement of this has started to wear off, but the day I got it I felt like I was pretty much ready to graduate and be called "Doctor". Don't laugh. Small things amuse small minds. And when you pay that much for something, you may as well appreciate it.


CharleyBrowne said...

i definitely agree with you about the shawdowing and anatomy/cadavers. sadly, we are finished anatomy and we dissected hair to toenail so no more labs. tear...

one thing though. stethoscopes are indeed the coolest things ever. but it gets old fast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.. all us aspiring medical professionals appreciate it...