Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Medicine has its perks... even for med students!

I went to a Rural Medicine club meeting tonight because they were giving away food (and I am indeed curious as to whether I'd be interested in rural medicine).

Not only were the speakers hilarious and the meeting very interesting, I also walked away as one of 9 winners of a free trip to a Rural Medicine conference, including flight, accomodation, food, and conference entrance fee.


My friend made fun of me when I was folding my ballot entry. My mom showed me some special technique and told me that it would help me win contests (she didn't tell me that it would get me made fun of). I never really believed her, but today my ballot was the first entry drawn. Thanks, Mom!

I love medicine!


Anonymous said...

So - what was your mom's special technique? Does it involve folding it into a firm, solid shape, so it's easier to grab hold of?

Jasmine said...

Yes, I believe you should share this technique with everyone! Even though that would then give you a disadvantage at other draws... Looks like you're having an interesting time and learning lots! It's been a while since the Elliotson band days... Have fun! Don't kill anyone. :)