Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vaginal Exam practice and Free Pizza!

I don't think that the upperclasspeople in my medical school realize that to us first years, it's still a bit odd getting an e-mail that juxtaposes "practice vaginal exams" and "come for the pizza" in the same sentence:

Come to the OB/GYN student interest group's Maternity Hands-On Night! Stations include abdominal palpation, finding the fetal heart beat, vaginal exams, and charting; pizza and beverages will be provided! First and second year students especially will find this to be a fun learning experience.

As "fun" as this promises to be, I think I'll skip this one out.


incidental findings said...

As you will assuredly discover, all that is required to attract medical students is the promise of either one of two things:
(1) free food
(2) free alcohol

Bethany Pettigrew said...

Oh simon. that was great. thanks!