Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The P=MD discussion, furthered

Before leaving the states, I wondered at all the rumors I heard coming from the Caribbean. Do they study on the beach? Do their professors sip cocktails with little umbrellas in them during the exams? Are they really learning medicine in a Third World Country?
Yes, the rumors were true.

That's a direct quote from the Rumours Were True blog. If I can't come up with anything interesting to post, why not post a reciprocal courtesy link to someone else? Especially if I apparently had something to do with their posts! In case that intro isn't interesting enough, Topher of
RWT was kind enough to further a discussion I initiated about pass/fail medical school marking.

Judging by the apparent popularity of this discussion, perhaps I'll muse about PBL (Problem-Based Learning or Case-Based Learning) here sometime in the near future.

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