Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cancer Survivor, Children's Book Author, and only 14 years old

"I have Hope, Faith and Courage on my side
and Love standing guard at my back.
No Dragon in the world is a match for all that."

Somebody told me about Matthew Epp in an e-mail to our class, and I was incredibly touched by the story and had to share it with you.

When Matthew was only two years old, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as Wilm's tumor. With three recurrences throughout this life, nobody expected Matthew to survive, let alone be a thriving, energetic and inspirational 14 year old.

Matthew has overcome overwhelming adversity with the help of Hope, Faith, Courage and Love, and he has also done some incredible things in his life. He has been selected as the child representative for the Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan's Children's Health and Hospital Foundation 2004 Champion Child, has met the Prime Minister, worked with the Chldren's Miracle Network telethon.

Now, he has written a children's book offering a touching story of a young boy who must undergo surgery who dreams of a magical land, and pictures himself in a fight against a viscious dragon, representing cancer.

You don't have to
buy the book to be touched by the story. If you do choose to, however, and I highly recommend it, regardless of your age I can assure that you will benefit from the breathtaking story that this young man has to offer. A portion of sales goes to help fund cancer research.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Matthew Epp and the rest of the team, we thank you for your support, and your awesome endorsement of the project. Matthew and his book have indeed touched many lives.

Could you please email me through the Aaspirations website, as I would like to use your name attached to your testimonial, "I highly recommend it, regardless of your age I can assure that you will benefit from the breathtaking story that this young man has to offer."

Defeat Your Dragon,

Marc St-Aubin
Publicist, Hope & the Dragon
Aaspirations Publishing

Karen said...

I volunteer at Camp Circle O'Friends, where Matthew wrote the Hope and the Dragon story. This summer with by my sixth camp, and getting to know him and the other young people who attend the camp has been a powerful experience for me and a great lesson on living life to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

i volunteer at camp circle o friends where matthew epp wrote the hope and the dragon story this summer wite by my sixth camp and getting to know him the other young people who attend the camp has been powerful experience for me a great lesson on living life to the fullest

Anonymous said...

It's with deep sadness that Matthew passed away on January 2, 2008. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Cancer is Curable said...

What an amzing individual.Lets hope that his writings bring encouragement to other children as well as adults.

Mary Fighting For Cancer said...

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