Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Overwhelmed much?

Finals are about six weeks away, and I'm already feeling the heat.

Let's just say that despite the slow start to the semester, last semester's finals was the most intense academic gauntlet I've ever been through, and it was on material I was familiar with, a lot of which I had seen in my undergrad. It involved being closed up in a study room, immersed in my studies, from wake to sleep, for about three straight weeks. I hate study rooms, and got through undergrad without having to use them much, so for me to do that is a feat in itself.

This semester is going to be a different story.

This semester, we have an extra five weeks of school covered in finals, all material that I have never really covered before. The weeks we have had have been much more intense and involved a lot more information than last semester. We have also had significantly more clinical skills instruction, as well as a course in pathology that we didn't have last semester.

We will have finals in:

  • clinical skills
  • family practice
  • infectious diseases
  • cardiology
  • fluids electrolytes renal genitourinary
  • pulmonary

as well as three extra finals:

  • histology
  • pathology
  • anatomy

as they relate to the above finals.

Oh, and one ten-page essay. Okay, that could be worse, but have pity: it has to be about relating a medical condition with the social aspects. What, since when do patients have a social side to them?!?! This will be hard for my science-based mind to wrap itself around!!

Yep, feelin' the heat. Good thing I find most of it fascinating.


Anonymous said...

I can realte to what you are going through, perhaps not in so much detail because I am a nursing student at your alma mater TWU. But I hear you for sure. Well good luck...and always remember respect the nurses because they run the unit!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so much different than undergrad, eh? Just different. When I was first accepted into medical school, an older and wiser med student told me that no one can truly understand what it is to go through medical school unless they've done it themselves. I'm beginning to understand what he meant. Hang in there! We'll make it through :) P=MD!