Friday, June 29, 2007

Great quotes from class - First year

  • "This is what an cardiac electrophysiologist looks like."
    Spoken by a lecturer, showing a photograph of a man in scrubs

  • "Clean, neat appearance engenders trust."
    Somewhat important for patient care.

  • "Demonstrate an active interest in the patient."
    Even if they're REALLY boring?!

  • "The physical exam begins the moment you enter the room. Note the following things: gender, ..."
    Spoken by a professor

  • "Thank you for your attention and respect. Last year, a student threw a paper airplane at me during lecture."
    Spoken by a professor at the end of a lecture. He was serious, and he was not impressed when it happened.

  • "Would you all SHUT UP?!"
    Spoken by a student, to the entire class, who apparently did not agree with the perspective of the above professor

  • "The only way you could get kicked out of medical school is to bring a tommy gun to class"
    Spoken the dean of another Canadian medical school, recounted at two separate times by two separate people

  • "We're paid to be scared."
    Lecturer talking about treatment of Congestive Heart Failure

  • "Maybe the reason the basketball hit him in the scrotum is because he just had big nads?"
    Pathologist, trying to explain why a patient attributed his testicular cancer to being hit in the... ahem... 'nads.'

  • "When you refer your patient to the urologist, you better explain that they're going to get a gun shooting all sorts of needles up their butt."
    The same pathologist, demonstrating yet again that pathologists don't need beside manner since they have no patients.

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