Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Best Day So Far.

Why was today the best day so far in my medical education?

Two reasons.

The first, and minor reason - it was my first day in the doctor's clinic for our family practice class. We go four times this semester to a clinic and shadow the doc, watch procedures, and depending on the preceptor, do some procedures, interview patients, and the like. Today, however, was a bit more watching than doing; I took a lot of BP's and was advised to bring my own watch next time. The watching involved seeing a man's scrotum, a breast exam on an elderly lady, a rectal exam, and the like...oh, the glamour of family practice. From here on in, though, I've been promised the chance to give lots of flu shots - once the vaccine arrives in a couple weeks.

The second, and better reason, I GOT MY STETHOSCOPE TODAY!!! And my otoscope and opthalmascope kit. Wearing my own stethoscope today in clinic around my neck, and starting to feel more like a real doctor, is definitely worth the $800 I shelled out for them. It even came with a CD of heart sounds. And, as much as I'd love to hear more, I've got this CD to listen to!!!

Only kidding. I'm not that nerdy. I'm just doing homework.


Jon said...

dude, i've been watching too much scrubs. As soon as I read that bit about your stethoscope, I pictured you cruising around with J.D. and Turk, hitting golf balls off the roof and hiding from Dr. Cox. Ah, the good ol' days.

Vitum Medicinus said...

Hey, I haven't hit any golf balls off roofs yet.

Hospital roofs, that is.


Anonymous said...

Those things cost $800?! O_o