Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer Facelift - What's New at Vitum Medicinus

+ job supervisors kind enough to realize that this is my summer
= free time to do some tune-ups at

You may not have noticed all the upgrades, especially if you're reading VM in a RSS reader. In order that you don't have to pore over the blog looking for them like a radiology resident scanning an x-ray film (I had to tie in that photo somehow), here's the improvements listed for you.

  • New Blog Header Photo
    I had to change it anyways since I grew a year older since I started this blog; but I figured I might as well change the photo to something that actually happened in medical school, rather than something I did during my pre-med years. This photo was taken in a hospital on my cell phone camera when a bunch of us were waiting around for a pediatric clinical skills session to start. My favourite part of it is the subtle tribute to Canadiana - there's a Tim Horton's coffee cup sitting on a table in the photo.

  • Favourite and Most Popular Posts
    a.k.a. Vitum Posticles Popularis, now available in the right-hand sidebar as an easy springboard for anybody who wants to read the best of VM right away. None of the fluff. Just the top stuff. Favourites include
    First Post, First Breast Exam, and the Top 10 List Category.

  • Feedburner RSS Feeds
    By becoming an RSS reader user I developed a lot more respect for those who use RSS readers, especially those who read VM via RSS. I also developed a healthy bit of embarassment at this up-until-now-ignored aspect of my blog, and now that I've delved into the world of RSS I added Feedburner RSS feeds to maximize the functionality of my feeds. Subscribe to Vitum Medicinus via RSS... or get a Feed Reader (Google Reader is great).

  • E-mail Updates
    For those of you who, like me, are reluctant to jump head-first into RSS without really understanding it, you may prefer to get VM posts e-mailed to you whenever they're written. If so, you can subscribe to VM via e-mail.

  • Polls & Poll Results
    You can now view all polls that have been hosted at VM, and vote in any of them or check out the results. Jump to polls...

  • Grand Rounds Hosted at VM
    VM had the privilege of hosting Grand Rounds for the first time; version 3.43 was hosted here on July 17, 2007. Reviews include "best GR in recent memory, there, I posted that for you, now where's my cheque?" and "you put way too much time into this." Jump to GR...

  • Post to Facebook, del.ici.ous
    For those of you who care about your friends enough to share a VM post with them, you can now post a VM story to Facebook or del.ici.ous thanks to the convenient links at the bottom of each post - whether you're reading it on VM or in RSS.

If you have any more suggestions on how I can improve your VM reading experience, please let me know by comment or via e-mail - and thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to bear with me as I tinkered with the settings of VM, or have suggested improvements already.


Calavera said...

I'm loving the new look!

Wish I were half as bothered as you to make my own blog look as swish...

Taylor said...

wow...lots of free time for the medical students these days!! ;0)

It looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look. I've been reading via Google Reader for a while so I haven't seen the new format until now, but it's cool. I like the subtle inclusion of VM in the resident's CT film, too: took me a moment to notice it.