Thursday, March 01, 2007

Question for Vitum: Are med school lectures hard?


Yes, when the lecturer annotates his slides and they end up looking like this.

Thanks to Ng for having the presence of mind to take a photo and letting me post it.


The Angry Medic said...

Nice. I have a picture like that up on my latest post as well. This lecturer over here had absolutely impossible handwriting. Don't you just hate it when they do that? They almost always also talk at warp speed, so that coupled with their reminiscent-of-mating-baboons handwriting, you absorb absolutely zilch form the lecture.

Some lecturers just need to be bitch-slapped once in a while.

Enrico said...

ROFL! The title should be changed to "Aggregate Action Potential in Ventricular Fibrillation"

About 8-10 less Red Bulls a day,and this prof might be intelligble.