Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Evaluating Our Professors

I'm done my finals and it's great to finally be relaxing at home.

I'll use some of my free time to add a few long overdue posts to this blog. Until then, I'll just make this one comment.

Right now, I'm filling out evaluations of the courses that we took. I am very liberal with the positive feedback wherever it is warranted, but at the same time it's a nice feeling telling the course directors what changes need to be made, especially when they have told us some of the things they have improved in the past due to student comments. Hopefully they change some more stuff.

My favourite comment I've left so far:

"While Dr. M is a nice individual, she has trouble relating the information to students who do not know it well. Also, her lecture slides lack professionalism as they are written in cartoon font."


Anonymous said...

hope they go well

Anonymous said...

I like your posts and added you to my blogroll. I'm also a medical student so we have common topics. Keep up the good work!